1.  Is it possible to pick up or drop off motorhomes throughout Europe?

        Pick-up and drop-off points are ONLY:  Channel Rentals Home(south

        Holland), Eindhoven Airport (Holland), Maastricht Airport (Holland),

        Dusseldorf Airport (Germany), Neiderrhein Airport (Germany), and

        Venlo and Roermond  train stations (Holland).


2.  What is the total cost to rent a motorhome?

       Please click on prices link on left side.  There are no hidden costs.  To secure

       booking a 200 euro deposit is required.  This is deducted from total cost.  The

       remainder of total cost is payable in CASH on the first day of hire.  A 750 euro

       CASH security deposit is payable to Channel Rentals on the first day of hire. 

       This is fully refundable when the vehicle is  returned in the same condition as

       when rented.  The rental price includes insurance.


3.  Where can motorhomes be driven?

       Motorhomes can be driven throughout Europe.  Motorhomes must be driven on

       sealed roads.   For the safety of our customers and for insurance reasons it

       is not possible to take motorhomes on skiing holidays or areas where

       heavy snow is likely.


4.   What are the collection and return times for the motorhomes?

        Collection of motorhome is SATURDAY ONLY between 15:30-17:30

        return of motorhome is SATURDAY ONLY between 8:30-10:00.  Hand over

        of vehicle takes approximately 1 hour.


5.   Am I required to clean motorhome before returning it?

        Yes, however you may choose to pay the fee of 65 euro and

        Channel Rental will clean the vehicle upon return. 


6.  Must I empty and clean septic tanks before returning the motorhome?



7.  Must I return motorhome with a full tank of diesel?

        Yes.  Hirer will also be liable if wrong type of fuel is used.


8.  Can we take pets?



9.  Do we need a special drivers license?